Get Free Career Guidance, and Connect with Career coach to map your career in Future skills

Career in Future Skills for 21st century learners

Choose right programme for right future

April 15, 2021 16:30:00
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  1. 1.3M upcoming Jobs
  2. 20 Trending Future skills
  3. 100+ New Job roles
  1. 20x Demand for Future skills
  2. $1T opportunity by 2025
  3. 40 high paying careers in demand for next 10 years

About the Speaker

Most sought after, Live Interactive Session with Prof. Col Shishir Kumar, Director General at ImaginXP, an esteemed author, educationist, Motivational Speaker and a TEDx Speaker. He is revolutionising country’s education with innovative industry and education bridge. He Carries the legacy of impacting 50k+ Students lives and successfully mapping them with future career prospects.

What is in the program?

  1. Which specialisation to choose for right future
  2. Characteristics of 21st century learners
  3. NEP 2020 and its role in Skills 2030
  4. How to Connect with Industry Experts
  5. How to tap the available job opportunities in market
  6. Future Skills for Students

Event Speakers

Renowned Industry Influencers

  1. Prof. Col. Shishir Kumar

    Director General, ImaginXP

  2. Abhayjeet Singh

    Chief Academic Officer, ImaginXP

  3. Shalini Raj

    Public Speaker, ImaginXP

Career in Future Skills for 21st century learners