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| February 22nd, 2021
Are you aware of the fascinating Product Design Trends 2021?

1.UX writing or SEO optimization

The organization must be aware of the keyword groups to be used while incorporating content.

Google is also changing its algorithm for website ranking and UX writing will play an important role.


Headphones aren’t plugged into mobile devices ●Wireless Charging

Streaming Content Online replaced the need for DVD’s &CD’s

3.Multifunctional Product

Organizations need to design a Product or Service which can continuously act as a substitute. The primary reason why Designer explores interesting new shapes, objects, materials, designs.

4.Usability Testing with Prototypes

Well, for UX Designers, this is undoubtedly not a new concept. This trend ensures to remove flaws on the final product or service!

5.Design Systems

Design systems that help Designers to maintain Visual Consistency & Reduce Design Debt.

6.Design Operations

It is the Design Workflows crafted to describe how big Design Teams hire and manage different roles, do collaborative work, aware of all the KPIs, build better design communications and work efficiently.

7.Internet of Things ( IoT)

A designer should keep IoT in mind while Designing Products or Services of Tomorrow.

In 2021, expect to see even more such noteworthy Design Trends hitting the market.

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