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  1. Satyen Aghor

    Product Designer | UX | UI | Design Thinking | Freelancer

  2. Omkar Ghodke

    UX & UI Designer at Coditation Systems

  3. Saumya Agarwal

    User Experience Designer at Oracle

  4. 6 colour palette websites for designers

    Some days ignited, some days inspired, that’s how a Designer works. Yet a little motivation does no harm. Check out the best colour palette generator to get the best out of your designs. We like colors in everything. But, sometimes finding the right one is really hard. Here’s a list of 6 websites for your […]

  5. 6 D’s of Design

    6 Ds of Designs Discover the 6Ds of Designing with us. It’s a Design Process patented by ImaginXP. Get hands-on training for designing with this unique process. Discover In this, one has to research and investigate the background of the problem and work on ground level to find where it started. They should consider the […]

  6. UI vs UX

    UX Vs UI What happens generally is that people get confused with UX and UI as they think both are the same, but let us clear your doubts about the difference between these two. User Experience(UX) is the interaction and experience users have with an organization’s product and services. On the other hand, User Interface(UI) […]

  7. What is a Prototype?

    Design Dictionary is endless. Flipping through its pages is another word- Prototype.  Create Archetype of Design Ideas  Archetypes are an incredible tool for designers. By aligning a design with an archetypal figure, we can ensure we’re communicating the ideal traits and that our target audience will better understand the brand personality. The first step in designing […]

  8. Top 7 UI Design Trends 2021

    2.Soft Gradient Soft gradients leveled up in 2020. Expect more inspiration & creativity head 3.Glass Morphismp Creating illusions yet unifying thoughts, that’s one of the hottest trends for you Designers! 4.Emoji Design Creativity and imagination takes a big leap with this new high in trends. 5.3D Experience A people-oriented trend all ready to set to […]

  9. Are you aware of the fascinating Product Design Trends 2021?

    1.UX writing or SEO optimization The organization must be aware of the keyword groups to be used while incorporating content. Google is also changing its algorithm for website ranking and UX writing will play an important role. 2.Wireless-Technology Headphones aren’t plugged into mobile devices ●Wireless Charging Streaming Content Online replaced the need for DVD’s &CD’s […]

  10. According to Linkedin – UI/UX one of the most in-demand skill

      What is UX Design? UX design is a process that considers every element that shapes an experience – such as the feelings of the users and how smoothly can the user accomplish their desired tasks. UX Design focuses on understanding the users- their needs, values, strengths and limitations. The goal is to create smooth, […]

  11. Most In-Demand jobs in the future

    AI Specialist As the name suggests, the technology of the future, with time we will see the immense demand for AI Specialists. Artificial Intelligence Specialist was the number 1 emerging job in 2020. Data Scientist Demand for data science skills will drive a 27.9% rise in employment through 2026. Robotics Engineer Our future is Robots. […]

  12. Anfisa Bogomolova

    Anfisa Bogomolova– Leader, Product Designer, UX Designer/ Researcher, UX Design Trainer based out of Prague, Czech Republic – an experienced professional in the Design Industry   Anfisa- Design is one of the future industries that is considered new and growing rapidly. Therefore, the aspirants are always in search of industry guidance. Meet Anfisa, who believes […]

  13. Bhavishya Garg

    Bhavishya Garg, Head of UX at MXPlayer. What are the career prospects in UX Design? How does the future look like? Bhavishya- A Game from The UXiger out there! Meet Bhavishya, an experienced UX designer who is currently heading UX for MX Player and has worked with revolutionary giants in UX. He brings to you […]

  14. Richard Yang

    Product Designer at Facebook. What are some qualities that organisation like FB and Sony would look for in a candidate? Richard Yang- All in one embedded experience just for you! Meet Richard, Product Design Lead at Facebook who has worked with CodeMode and Shopify too. Get a global perspective of what are the skills that […]

  15. Mauro Porcini

    What do you enjoy the most in design and why do you think PepsiCo chose you as their CDO? Mauro Porcini- When you are inspired rightfully, you work remarkably and that’s what you can sense once you listen to Mauro, SVP and Chief Design Officer at Pepsico who has been listed in 40 under 40. […]

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