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| February 22nd, 2021
Top 7 UI Design Trends 2021

2.Soft Gradient

Soft gradients leveled up in 2020. Expect more inspiration & creativity head

3.Glass Morphismp

Creating illusions yet unifying thoughts, that’s one of the hottest trends for you Designers!

4.Emoji Design

Creativity and imagination takes a big leap with this new high in trends.

5.3D Experience

A people-oriented trend all ready to set to attract people across interests.

6.Dark Mode

Dark mode is set to be a UI/UX design trend in 2021. The look is elegant, modern and stylish.

7.Block Typography

It’s looking like 2021 might just be the year of fonts to come alive.

8.Pop Art

A trend popping heavily this year and is sure to stay grounded to make designs look better.

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