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| April 16th, 2021
6 D’s of Design

6 Ds of Designs

Discover the 6Ds of Designing with us.

It’s a Design Process patented by ImaginXP. Get hands-on training for designing with this unique process.


In this, one has to research and investigate the background of the problem and work on ground level to find where it started. They should consider the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of the background. As an outcome, you’ll have a better understanding of your problem and its background.


It is about defining a problem. If you don’t know what exactly is your problem, then the rest of the Ds can’t rescue you.


This phase of the 6Ds is the creative aspect where learners are challenged individually or collaboratively to consider the problem and develop a solution.


This is the step where we start shaping our initial framework for the solution. The main focal point for this should be the audience and purpose. As a result, an attainable design for solution is achieved.


It is the actual development stage of any design. Once you have a clear plan and strategy, it is the best-suited stage where if your plan fails, still you get a learning experience.


It is the final stage of any design. Here you should reflect and learn how it was done, the skills, techniques and everything, leading to the product/process refinement.

The 6D approach is the essential part of a designer’s experience with any design.

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